Do you want to upload file(i.e up-to 2 GB) to sharepoint from aura component? If yes, here’s the solution for you.

Step 1:
Create a aura component(.cmp) and define a lightning:input(type=’file’) component to get the file from user.

Step 2:
Define a onchange event handler(handleFilesChange) in .js controller file.

Step 3:
Define a .js helper file that has actual logic to upload a file to Share Point.

- Creates the dummy file in sharepoint, determines the chunk sizes based on the file size and the share point REST method for each chunk upload.

- Recursively called to upload each chunk to the sharepoint.

- Slices the file blob into the chunk.

- Generates the unique global identifier.



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balaji Jayaraman

balaji Jayaraman

3x certified salesforce developer and having 4.5 years of salesforce development experience.